The world's leading cloud service platform for arithmetic mining

Starbase(SE) Introduction

Starbase (SE) is a global technology-leading arithmetic mining cloud service platform, invested and developed by Singapore Foundation SEYCl INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION LTD, moreover, it is a global authority digital asset derivatives international station committed to providing safe, convenient, reliable and innovative to global users. starbase (SE) adopts Innovative structured risk regulation mechanism and liquidity supply mechanism. Starbase (SE) allows users to seamlessly switch between tokens on the chain in a fully decentralized, non-custodial manner. Starbase (SE) is committed to providing global users with intelligent, secure, stable, fast and convenient digital asset investment and trading services, bringing intelligent new changes to global digital finance.

SE Advantages

SE can easily and quickly trade with any user


Encryption Technology

SE network achieves encrypted end-to-end message socialization through blockchain, cryptography and other technologies, which well protects the privacy of users' social information.


Encrypted peer-to-peer transmission

SE enables direct peer-to-peer exchange through proprietary technology, with digital signatures to verify ownership trust.


High resistance to attack

SE database is highly stable and ensures the security of users' digital assets through a shared ledger structure, avoiding the risk of data theft by hackers.


System Security

SE has dual levels of physical and application authentication, and the system integrates Google authentication, token authentication, Ukey authentication and other multiple authentication methods.


Digital Wallet

With SE Digital Assets, you can complete the management, transfer and payment of a wide range of digital assets.


Two-layer consensus public chain system

SE can automate node operation and maintenance, start chain services in seconds, and improve efficiency and save manpower through node privatization deployment.

Starbase (SE) Core

1, Starbase (SE) through the core mining algorithm, a fair and reasonable solution to the external and external circulation of cooperative projects, circulation shrinkage to allow the value of the pass gradually increased.
2、Through rewards for promotion channels, the project teams are allowed to gain corresponding revenue, gather more users to build consensus and enhance the value of projects.
3、Through the alliance mechanism, let the flow and resources of each project party converge and integrate to promote each other.


State Support







Starbase (SE) Value Services

The world's leading cloud service platform for arithmetic mining

Algorithm Services

Starbase (SE) itself has the ability and demand to continuously extend the cooperation of external computing power, and as the computing power purchased by Starbase (SE) and external access continues to increase, the larger the scale, the more users will also continue to increase.

Flow services

Starbase (SE) miners can use the platform to transfer their fixed assets, such as mining machines and mining farms, within the platform and on the secondary market under certain conditions, thus increasing the liquidity of miners' assets and making more idle computing power available.

Financial Services

As one of the core services provided by Starbase (SE), financial services such as collateralized lending, hedging, coin-flash, asset management, leveraged installment, over-the-counter OTC, option contracts and other related financial services will be provided to users holding cryptocurrencies.

Feedback suggestions

What advice do you have for the SE program?


Starbase (SE) is supported by SEYCl INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION LTD (Singapore Foundation), and its core team comes from top international organizations such as Microsoft, Google, IBM, etc. It is composed of the best experts from various fields such as computer, data storage, information security, communication, mathematics, finance, web development and high frequency algorithmic trading. The Starbase (SE) team not only has strong technical capabilities, but also has excellent research capabilities, and has achieved outstanding research results in various fields such as distributed storage, ledger and cryptography.

SE Features

SE has a complete ecosystem

Information cannot be tampered with

The uncountable changes are formed based on a unique ledger at the back end of SE. Transaction chains are added to the end of the chain in successive chronological order. Once a message is verified and added to the SE backend, it is stored permanently, so the data in the SE network has the advantage of being unchangeable and unique.

Privacy and Security

Although all data recording and updating operations in the SE system are open to the entire system of network nodes, the private information of its traders is processed through hash encryption, i.e. yes, data exchange and transactions are anonymous. The reliability and security of the system is ensured by the use of a number of proven encryption algorithms in the SE backend.


Based on the open source program, open rules and high participation in the SE system, in addition to encrypting the private information of all parties to the transaction, the data in the SE backend is open to everyone, and anyone can link the data and develop related applications to understand the block through the open interface, and the whole system information is highly transparent.